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The LUKAS is Europe's only international Latin awards ceremony, broadcast from London to Spain, Latin America and the US.

The LUKAS is a viral and media phenomenon. As the pubilc votes and campaigns for its favourite Latin artists, footballers and personalities, it creates a tsunami of viral activity. The media reflects a surge of voting globally, with each country supporting its footballers, artists and personalities from abroad. The LUKAS is promoted on tens of thousands of websites, newsletters and social networks.

Voting culminates in a gala ceremony hosted by TV stars and attended by politicians, ballet stars, footballers, musicians and fashion icons, as well as  business leaders, many corporate guests and those invited by our corporate sponsors. For Global brands interested in Latin America or Latin brands interested in Europe, The LUKAS is Europe's most exciting Latin networking event.


The LUKAS is a 9 month marketing opportunity entailing global media coverage and huge public engagement, as nominees and fans campaign and vote for their favourite Latin personalities. Benefits include:

  • LIVE EVENT UP to 3,000 people. Reception, Opening entertainment Award Ceremony Live Show from International Act of the Year, Post Show Party.
  • VOTING SITE - 5,000 unique hits a day during voting
  • FACE BOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM - 70k + followers and friends
  • ONLINE -  Title branding promoted on thousands of websites, and social media as nominees and fans campaign
  • LATINOLIFE MEDIA - adverts in the UK's leading Latin media see media pack here: www.latinolife.co.uk/mediapack
  • INTERNATIONAL MEDIA COVERAGE - broadcast and press coverage all over Latin America
  • TV BROADCAST - Broadcast of event on Latin American TV

Facts about our audience:

The voting site recieves 5,000 unique hits a day during the two month voting period. According our survey of 2014 voters (40,000 sample):

  • 80% of our audience is English speaking
  • 83% intend to travel to Latin America, Spain or the Latin Caribbean in the next year.
  • 53% transfer money abroad atleast once a month
  • 67% ring abroad atleast once a week
  • 78% consume Latin America or Spanish food or drink atleast once a week
  • 27.5% are between 16-24
  • 33.5% are between 25 and 34

To see our sponsor packages contact us via our contact page or email info@thelukas.co.uk