Award categories

Awards for Contribution to Music

2018 was the year that Latin music conquered the world. For decades Latin music has inspired mainstream global culture, but now Latin American artists are making the global hits, in their own language. With its unique fusion of influences from Europe, Africa and Asia mixed with and indigenous and modern American, Latin music continues to create exciting sounds that captivate audiences. Here are the awards recognising the best Latin music outputs and talent from the UK, Europe and around the world.


Awards for Contribution to Dance

Latin dances are captivating global audiences more than ever before. It’s time to recognise the real stars of the show – from Tango and Salsa to Samba and Flamenco. Here are the awards for the UK’s and Europe's best dancers in each of these world famous genres.


Awards for Contribution to Sport

This Year's World Cup will again no doubt exhibit why Latin Americans are considered the best footballers in the world, with the inevitable resulting influx of new Latin American players to the Premier League. The world’s most watched Football league would not be the same without this influx, which is why we celebrate Latin American, Portuguese and Spanish contribution to British football.


Awards for Contribution to The Arts

Artistic creativity has long been one the Latin World’s biggest exports. Beyond music and dance, Latin American and Spanish film and theatre offer their unique perspective on the world. In film Latin American directors have gone from being an art novelty to at the forefront of Hollywood's most commercially succesful and they continue to be trailblaizers both in commecrcial and independent cinema. While in theatre the UK has seen the more productions by Latin Americans this year than ever before. Here we celebrate the artists that have perfromed or screened their work in the UK in the last year.